The Photographer: I grew up in Quincy, CA and started shooting with some of the earliest digital cameras to hit the market. When I graduated from high school, my father and grandmother together gave me a 6-megapixel Canon D60, the second digital SLR Canon ever made. I used that camera for 12 years and in many different countries.

On a mission trip to Argentina in 2006, I encountered “Adulam,” a Christian nonprofit of poor helping the poor in the slums or Buenos Aires suburbs. Through extreme resourcefulness the people of Adulam provides shelter, employment, and community to the needy in their neighborhoods.

While helping translate Adulam’s website into English one day, I totaled up all the costs of all the needs they had listed. The number matched, to the dollar, the amount I had made during a recent two-week photo job. It was not very much money, but I was amazed how far it would go in changing people’s lives for the better. From that point on, I decided to dedicate the proceeds from my photography to Adulam. After tax, 100% of your purchase will go to them.

I enjoy nature, portrait, and technical photography, as well as videography. Because I usually shoot photos for fun during travels, most of them come with a neat story. Many people have asked me to include the stories that go with my photos. I hope you enjoy both, and feel inspired to adventure out and discover the beauty and wonder this big world holds.

All my photography can be printed in many different formats.